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While the Data Protection Rules were a welcome step at a time when protection of electronic data was not regulated at all, the need for higher standards of protection has been felt increasingly over the years, especially when it comes to sensitive health information.

- Indian Government describing healthcare issues as a part of starting out 'DISHA' program

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Data Sharing Success Rate

This is the average number that medical professionals mention causes incorrect data sharing issues according to a 2018 survey done at AIIMS


Confidence in Government programs to safeguard data

This is the number of medical professionals that were not satisfied with the current methodology and legal backing by the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules of 2011. Most believe there is a requirement gap when it comes to data protection while sharing


Satisfied with Current Data Sharing Methods

According to a 2018 survey done by the Indian Medical Association (Maharashtra branch), a very low number of medical professionals satisfied with the current data sharing methodology. Many lamented about a lack of mechanism altogether

INR 21,00,000/-

Amount that can be reclaimed

This is the amount that can be saved if accurate prognosis is shared across different hospitals and private care facilities, according to a survey of top 5 hospitals in the greater Mumbai region

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